EBOLA VIRUS[Deadly Virus]

Ebola virus: A notoriously deadly virus that causes fearsome symptoms, the most prominent being high fever and massive internal bleeding. Ebola virus kills as many as 90% of the people it infects. It is one of the viruses that is capable of causing hemorrhagic (bloody) fever.

Epidemics of Ebola virus have occurred mainly in African countries including Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), Gabon, Uganda, the Ivory Coast, and Sudan. Ebola virus is a hazard to laboratory workers and, for that matter, anyone who is exposed to it.Infection with Ebola virus in humans is incidental — humans do not “carry” the virus. The way in which the virus first appears in a human at the start of an outbreak has not been determined. However, it has been hypothesized that the first patient (the index case) becomes infected through contact with an infected animal.Ebola virus is transmitted by contact with blood, feces or body fluids from an infected person or by direct contact with the virus, as in a laboratory. People can be exposed to Ebola virus from direct contact with the blood or secretions of an infected person. This is why the virus has often been spread through the families and friends of infected persons: in the course of feeding, holding, or otherwise caring for them, family members and friends would come into close contact with such secretions. People can also be exposed to Ebola virus through contact with objects, such as needles, that have been contaminated with infected secretions.

The incubation period –the period between contact with the virus and the appearance of symptoms — ranges from 2 to 21 days.

The initial symptoms are usually high fever, headache, muscle aches, stomach pain, and diarrhea. There may also be sore throat, hiccups, and red and itchy eyes. The symptoms that tend to follow include vomiting and rash and bleeding problems with bloody nose (epistaxis), spitting up blood from the lungs (hemoptysis) and vomiting it up from the stomach (hemateme(hematemesis), and bloody eyes (conjunctival hemorrhages). Then finally come chest pain, shock, and death.Page 5 of 7
A protein on the surface of the virus has been discovered that is responsible for the severe internal bleeding (the death-dealing feature of the disease). The protein attacks and destroys the endothelial cells lining blood vessels, causing the vessels to leak and bleed.

There is no specific treatment for the disease. Currently, patients receive supportive therapy. This consists of balancing the patient’s fluids and electrolytes, maintaining their oxygen level and blood pressure, and treating them for any complicating infections. Death can occur within 10 days of the onset of symptoms.The prevention of the spread of Ebola fever involves practical viral hemorrhagic fever isolation precautions, or barrier nursing techniques. These techniques include the wearing of protective clothing, such as masks, gloves, gowns, and goggles; the use of infection-control measures, including complete equipment sterilization; and the isolation of Ebola fever patients from contact with unprotected persons. The aim of all of these techniques is to avoid any person’s contact with the blood or secretions of any patient. If a patient with Ebola fever dies, it is equally important that direct contact with the body of the deceased patient be prevented.Bioterrorism — There has been concern about Ebola virus as a possible weapon for bioterrorism. However, the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of the US Congress, in a 1999 report considered Ebola virus to be an “unlikely” biologic threat for terrorism, because the virus is very difficult to obtain and process, unsafe to handle, and relatively unstable.

[Music]IF I RICH

ANTICIPATION has been on for some time now which everyone has been waiting for the song to drop,here comes the Date.

This Rap song was done in Honor of Dagrin’s “If I Die”,the last song he recorded before he passed away! so painful….but its the other way round
If I Rich,is a song that talks about the husslers & encourages the Street.
Life is all about Ups & Downs but believe in Yourself & what you do,1 day will come your PAYDAY

The instrumental of “If I Die”-Dagrin wasn’t released but the instrumental of “If I Rich” was produced by D’Ace Beatz
@d_acenamie @oyahoyar
WiZZY J-If I Rich


Davido sells ice cream, Burna Boy cuts grass in King Special’s new music vide

King Special bursts into the music scene with a one of a kind video for his song titled ‘Money’ with cameos from Burna Boy who is seen cutting grass, Patoranking selling groundnuts, Davido selling Ice Cream, Ice Prince washing a car, and Phyno selling parcel. The video shows love & gives respect to the fallen soldiers of the Nigerian entertainment industry. Y’all need to watch to see your favourite stars like you’ve never seen them before. Continue to see the video…

FOREIGN:[SuperTrailer] A First Look At VH1′s Atlanta Exes

It’s about to get real in the ATL! Last year it was leaked that VH1 was planning on doing an “Atlanta Exes” spinoff of their “Hollywood Exes” series, and we finally have a sneak peek of the brand new show and all the drama.

The show will follow Ne-Yo’s ex-fiancée Monyetta Shaw, Cee Lo’s ex-wife Christina Johnson, Ray Buchanan’s ex-wife Sheree Buchanan, and Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart.   It will also feature Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond and show her struggle of not only losing her husband and having to move out of their home, but also how she’s coping with the death of her son after an unfortunate water accident.

The show follows the women as they try to co-parent with their famous exes, plus dealing with their former loves moving on to new relationships.

It looks as though all the Atlanta tea is about to be spilled!

Watch the trailer below:

The season premieres August 18, 2014 on VH1.

Will you be watching?

Music:Wizzy j

Wasiu idowu, alias jogun omi Popularly know as Wizzy J,is a young and good rapper with a strong believe in Rap(Music).Haven done songs like Street Life,Rap Advance and Hussler.This is a indigineous talented dude that’s from the street who believe to be signed someday.working on one of his Video to be dropped soon,
Here comes the link to some of his songs

If I Rich by Wizzy J

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Former Destiny’s Child Member Farrah Franklin Arrested After NFL Players Called The Cops

What ever happened to Farrah Franklin??
Back in 2000, she was living the dream as part of Destiny’s Child, but after five months, she was ousted from the group and never really heard from again. Well…until now.

This past weekend, she was arrested in South Carolina for disorderly conduct, and the story is a little bizarre.

According to the police report, NFL player Da’Quan Bowers flew Farrah to Myrtle Beach where he was vacationing with a friend –NFL player Ricky Sapp. When the trio returned from partying on Saturday night, it was apparent that Farrah was wasted, and she went nuts.

Sapp and Bowers both told police they thought Franklin had been doing drugs. Bowers told police he was suspicious of Franklin because she would go to the bathroom for extended periods of time.

Bowers and Sapp say they called cops after Franklin went nuts, screaming and slamming doors. They told police Franklin fled. Cops combed the neighborhood and eventually found Franklin laying down in a neighbor’s lawn.

Police described Franklin as “highly intoxicated” and “unsteady on her feet,” but she denied using drugs. She told police she had nowhere to go and planned on sleeping in the woods.

She was arrested for disorderly conduct.

After Farrah was eventually released on $280 bail, she made her way back home to Cali. She also posted a photo on Instagram that read:

“May the Lord turn all your sour moments into sweet lemonade.

When she realized that news of her arrest went viral she posted a graphic that said:

To be great, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated, and misunderstood. Stay strong.

She also captioned it:

That part! I’m good just hate the dumb media sometimes, but hey this is the job I signed up for. So I respect it #TurnDownForWhat #TeamFARRAH #GodsChild #Instagram

This isn’t the first time Farrah had a little run-in with the law. Back in 2011, she was arrested for disorderly conduct, but later claimed she was the victim of racial profiling.

The guys haven’t said much about the incident except for a tweet from Da’Quan that read, “What a crazy night!,” however they did post a photo of themselves on the beach, sans Farrah

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[Precious Photo Of The Day] Diddy Teaches His Daughter How To Ride A Bike

There is nothing more adorable than seeing a dad spending quality time with his daughters.

Over the years, we’ve seen Diddy spending his time going from the boardroom to turning up at some of the hottest parties across the world, but after his three daughters were born, he moved to LA, and his Bad Boy lifestyle came to a screeching halt.

Now, when he’s not making power moves at Revolt TV, Ciroc, Sean John and AquaHydrate, he’s at home experiencing the joys of fatherhood and creating amazing moments with his six kids.

This weekend, he shared a precious photo of himself teaching one of his twins how to ride a bike with the caption:


Last year, while sharing with Jimmy Kimmel his experience attending his first daddy/daughter dance, Diddy revealed that he was so overwhelmed he almost cried, and that his girls really changed his life.

It’s been a part of my evolution, my teary-eyed moments. I’m like, I can’t start crying at the dance, I don’t want to embarrass my daughters. I’m going through something right now that no money, no success and no accolades that I’ve gotten can ever measure up to being able to enjoy the beauty of my kids, especially my daughters.

I work very hard for my kids to enjoy a great life and I make no apologies for being able to provide them with experiences that I’ve worked hard to experience. For me, I’ve just started to grow up and it’s been a little late. When you grow up in entertainment and you’re not working on or not really following any rules, once you have kids, [that changes.] I think for me, it was having girls because the boys could fall down the stairs and everything is going to be alright but the girls, it’s like a whole different line of questioning and focus. It really just makes you face reality. It’s just been great for me.


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D’Ace under MusicnMe Entr is an afro-pop superstar and here comes d studio leak of his Official single “Pop”.

“Pop” is a Mad classic tune; an infectious melody, a very catchy chorus and rhythm that will get you moving. It is sure that D’Ace who broke boundaries with his song “Roll Am”into every disc jockey’s playlist is set to drop another mad dancehall very soon

but for now listen, download, share and enjoy!


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“I kept my wife’s corpse in a room for 3months hoping she’d wake up – Christy Essien Igbokwe’s husband

The husband of late iconic singer, Christy Essien Igbokwe, who put Nigeria on the world music map with her song, Seun Rere, Edwin Igbokwe, has opened up on his grief and denial following her death on June 30th 2011, saying he left her corpse in a room in their home for 3 months hoping she would wake up.

Below is what he told Saturday Punch
That morning of her death, pastors and other prayer warriors ended morning prayer in her room; she whispered amen, and then slept off. It was exactly 9a.m. I felt dazed, shocked and awed when I was told I lost my ‘everything,’ my companion and the love of my life. Jebose, I caved into denial zone. We immediately moved her body to a room in our home, unknown to many. My late wife warned that her body must not be deposited in the mortuary. I had to respect her wishes. So we decorated a room in our house and laid her down.

She was beautiful, peaceful in her sleep. The media and the enlarged burial committee members didn’t know where she was after her death. She lay in that room for almost three months. I was going crazy. I didn’t want to believe she would not wake up. She was smiling peacefully. I couldn’t believe it. I made sure I looked at her every day. I was confused, depressed, dejected and hopeless. The children began to monitor me. I was still in denial, hoping she was asleep… she would wake up. I kept reassuring myself. She never did.”

Thirty five years ago, I married my soul mate and lifetime partner. She was Nigeria’s lady of songs, the late Christy Essien Igbokwe. I was a 26-year-old executive at The Punch while she was a 19-year-old songstress and actress that mesmerised Nigeria’s entertainment and theatre scenes with her young, affable innocence. Through those years, we celebrated togetherness and profound love, a love I felt the first time I blessed my eyes on her; a love that grew stronger each sunrise, until 9a.m, June 30, 2011. With each day’s sunset, our love blossomed, like flowers bloomed in spring. We stayed as one through the challenges of life. There were years of aches and pains, tears of joy and electrifying laughter. We stayed together and survived the rough and tumbles of life. We shared everything until it was time for her to go. She lived half a century.

“As I walked down Jebose Boulevard, I tried to accept and appreciate all that life privileged after her eternal transition. It is over three years since Christy died. The denials, the depressions, forward from her death are paths to healing. I missed and mourned her tenderly. Time and support from friends and family were therapies to a second chance at life, living and loving. No one understands the discomfort and trauma of losing a dear family member such as your siblings, your parents or wife, a dearest lifetime partner; (the cherished one you swore before God and the people to love till death do us part), until it happened to them: We are never the same when we lose those that we loved and admired. A part of us leaves with them. Every one of us would come to that place in our lifetime; what matters is how we handled our different circumstances and who would be there to comfort us as we grieved. The mourning season may never end. I can imagine days of guilt, days of tear drops on the pillows and silent wails for losing my dearest wife. The pain is part of passionate memories, of a privileged, shared moment in our lives. These walks with you, Jebose, ignited emotional past pains of losing my late wife and a closure of tragic and traumatic chapters of my life.

Christy was special and spectacular. She was a prophet. She revealed when she would die to the children and by extension, to me: she revealed to us that she had only half a century in this ‘wicked world;’ she told me that when death came, it would be middle of the year. She shared with close friends and members of the family, her end time. I always dismissed her because I was not ready to lose her.
She told our children that she would live for 50 years and that any single day thereafter, they should be thanking God. She died June 30, 2011 at age 50.

During one of our affectionate conversations, she told me she would be sick for three days before her death. She said she would exit without burden to anyone or herself. I didn’t believe, until it happened: four days before her death, she complained of stomach ache. We went to the hospital for scanning and treatment: the hospital placed her on overnight admission and began treatment, but she wanted to go home. Her desire to go home was bolstered by hospital’s electric power interruption. The hospital’s generator was also broken down. She said rather weakly, that she wanted to go home since the hospital had no electricity. I honoured her request. We left the hospital for our home. Halfway into our street, the doctor called and informed me that the generator suddenly activated, surprisingly nothing was wrong with it, we could return to continue treatment; we were almost home, my wife said she didn’t want to go back to the hospital.

“The next day, the illness continued at home. She refused to go back to the hospital: the doctor came to the house and placed her on a drip. Even though she was weak, she was active and independent; she refused any assistance; not even a support on the staircase and into the car, as we set out for hospital again, having encouraged her to return to a different hospital for re-examination. I drove her into the waiting arms of doctors who further examined my late wife in a specialist hospital (Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja). She was placed on admission. She was seeing things and in her own world, as she lay ill, she was concerned about the staff and other patients in the hospital. She was kept overnight because of the diagnosis. The second night, she requested prayer warriors to begin intense prayers, not for her but for us, the living, and for her peaceful transition. She encouraged nurses in the hospital to pray: she would whisper prayer points and choruses. She muttered some messages to our God-son, George, who was with me in the hospital. We went into frenzy shouting for joy when she mentioned that ‘we were victorious and it was all over.’ By 5.30am June 30, 2011, we witnessed deteriorating changes in her health. I phoned Obi, our first son, and he quickly arrived at the hospital to assist. I dashed out to seek a transfer for her to another (the intensive care) room in the hospital. I left Obi and George with pastors and prayer warriors who arrived to pray with us. Something happened while I was gone. The mood changed when I returned. I smelt sadness from the travelling breeze within. The mood was solemn. I saw the sad faces of hospital staff and my son: I felt strange. Everyone from the doctors tried to find a way to tell me she had died… One of the midwives called me to the side and said I should brace up because my wife died few minutes then. That morning of her death, pastors and other prayer warriors ended morning prayer in her room; she whispered amen, and then slept off. It was exactly 9a.m. I felt dazed, shocked and awed when I was told I lost my ‘everything,’ my companion and the love of my life. Jebose, I caved into denial zone. We immediately moved her body to a room in our home, unknown to many. My late wife warned that her body must not be deposited in the mortuary. I had to respect her wishes. So we decorated a room in our house and laid her down.

She was beautiful, peaceful in her sleep. The media and the enlarged burial committee members didn’t know where she was after her death. She lay in that room for almost three months. I was going crazy. I didn’t want to believe she would not wake up. She was smiling peacefully. I couldn’t believe it. I made sure I looked at her every day. I was confused, depressed, dejected and hopeless. The children began to monitor me. I was still in denial, hoping she was asleep… she would wake up. I kept reassuring myself. She never did.

“I finally accepted her death when the pallbearers came into that room and placed her in a coffin for the Commendation Service at Arch Bishop Vining Memorial Cathedral, Ikeja on September 9, 2011 and from there later through the Muritala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja to Akanu Ibiam, Enugu airport en route Awka, Anambra State for funeral service and burial the next day. I knew then, that my best friend, my partner, my soul mate, the mother of my beautiful children, was truly gone.

“After the burial, I was alone and lonely, I felt guilty for her death. I never expected to bury my wife. I always prayed that when my time was up, she, our children and grandchildren would bury me. I began to question God in these transitional periods: I was near complete depression because life was no longer interesting to me: I was lonely and mourning my wife. I was empty. I told everyone that I would never remarry because no woman could replace my late wife. I was suicidal.

After her burial, the pain continued as life began to settle into normalcy, I began to see her in my dreams, encouraging me to live my life. She said she knew if I had the privilege of spending more time with her, I would have corrected certain things in our lives. She said I must move on with my life. Throughout our 32 years, we shared everything: we never separated from the same bedroom. The only time we separated was when we kept her body in a separate room while planning her funeral. Counselling from well-wishers helped me to begin to accept a life without her.

“Her appearances in my dreams encouraged me to move on. In one of such appearances, she told me: “I came and I have fulfilled my destiny on earth. I wished I stayed longer but that was my destiny and God’s words must surely come to pass in our lives. I am not coming again. I am happy where I am. It is well with all of you! Please I want to be remembered always in happiness. Stop getting worried any longer because you do most times. You cry often for missing me and wished that I lived so that you make some amends. It is too late now. You should move on. Your focus should be how to live long for our kids. Advise them properly and correct them positively whenever they go wrong, for their own good. Take good care of them and their offsprings as long as you witness and always bless and not curse any of them. (She smiled…..) I never cursed any of them. I only tried to make them look forward to being independent as my last days on earth approached. Because you need to live long for the kids, you can remarry instead of running into some temptations that are building up. Pray hard. God will show you the right person. The person should not be very young. She must be older than our first kid. She must be able to stand in for the sake of the kids but she must not participate directly as one of the owners in any of our already established companies unless with express permission of all the kids. She will obey you. I must be respected. You know other things that would make the relationship to be soothing to me in death and useful to you in life unless if you want to continue to deceive yourself. You must not allow her do anything you know would not be pleasing. You are an intelligent man, I did say this often and I leave you to your conscience (she smiled…) till we meet to part no more. My love to all still existing and I want all to know this.”

“If she didn’t appear to me in my dreams, I wouldn’t have remarried. I remarried after three years of her death. Time reversed everything. I didn’t want a situation where I would be bringing different women to our home: After the dreams, I began to consider marriage again. Being alone may not be the problem, the problem is the temptations that loneliness and being alone ferment. That would be very disrespectful to her memory and our children. I remarried, with her blessings. I am no longer mourning but her memories are indelible.”

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Kanye West on GQ cover

Drippin’ swagu!

Kanye West is apparently taking us to school in the pages of GQ’s August 2014 issue. After appearing on the men’s mag in 2007, Kim Kardashian’s husband returns to teach us the proper art of smizing for the gawds, and how to dress your man “like a God.”

If it’s one person who would know, it’s ‘Ye. The rapper reportedly styled himself for all the different looks featured, going from white tee and Timbos to leather pants to playing around with layers.

Take a peek at some of them below.

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Lil’Wayne and Christian Milan(Dating)

**insert eyes emojis**

If you thought that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne had a strictly business relationship before, last night’s ESPYS may have changed your mind.  The YMCMB boss man was spotted arriving to the awards show late, while holding hands with Christina Milian, who he signed to Young Money back in 2012.  And the two definitely got some on-screen camera time during the show!

Now, aside from wondering “How’d that happen?” this is where things get complicated and interesting:

Christina Milian just broke up with her fiancé Jas Prince.

Prior to the breakup, Lil Wayne released a track called “Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up” where he took subliminal jabs at Jas Prince. The lyrics included, “I’ll take your Tina” (Short for Christina), and “She needs a king, f-ck a prince” (in reference to Jas Prince).

Sources close to Jas Prince say he is very hurt by all of this, especially since he used to be cool with Wayne. He is credited with introducing Drake to Lil Wayne, and he also allegedly helped Christina Milian get her deal with Young Money.  Things started falling apart between Lil Wayne and Jas Prince after Jas filed a lawsuit against Young Money’s management team for unpaid royalties he felt he was owed from Drake’s deal.

It also seems as though Wayne has a thing for The-Dream’s exes.  He famously dated singer Nivea, after her marriage to The-Dream, and years later, he seems to be courting Christina Milian who also married and had a child by The-Dream.

FYI: Christina Milian is currently filming a new reality show with her mom and sisters which will air on E! early next year.  When radio host Big Boy recently asked if Wayne was going to appear on her show, she giggled and said, “In the studio! That’s where he will be.”

We may just have to tune in when it airs to find out if anything comes of this love affair.

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Young KayD

This is just one Up and coming young Artist to watch out for.He goes by the name Akinduro Gbenga H. Popularly known as Yung KD,having done Hits like On Top,Good Loving and Banana.



I’m a big fan of music, and use it a lot when working, but I had no idea about how it really affects our brains and bodies. Since music is such a big part of our lives, I thought it would be interesting and useful to have a look at some of the ways we react to it without even realizing.

“Without music, life would be a mistake” –Friedrich Nietzsche

Of course, music affects many different areas of the brain, as you can see in the image below, so we’re only scratching the surface with this post, but let’s jump in.

1. Happy/sad music affects how we see neutral faces:

We can usually pick if a piece of music is particularly happy or sad, but this isn’t just a subjective idea that comes from how it makes us feel. In fact, our brains actually respond differently to happy and sad music.

Even short pieces of happy or sad music can affect us. One study showed that after hearing a short piece of music, participants were more likely to interpret a neutral expression as happy or sad, to match the tone of the music they heard. This also happened with other facial expressions, but was most notable for those that were close to neutral.

Something else that’s really interesting about how our emotions are affected by music is that there are two kind of emotions related to music: perceived emotions and felt emotions.

This means that sometimes we can understand the emotions of a piece of music without actually feeling them, which explains why some of us find listening to sad music enjoyable, rather than depressing.

Unlike in real life situations, we don’t feel any real threat or danger when listening to music, so we can perceive the related emotions without truly feeling them–almost like vicarious emotions.

2. Ambient noise can improve creativity

We all like to pump up the tunes when we’re powering through our to-do lists, right? But when it comes to creative work, loud music may not be the best option.

It turns out that a moderate noise level is the sweet spot for creativity. Even more than low noise levels, ambient noise apparently gets our creative juices flowing, and doesn’t put us off the way high levels of noise do.

The way this works is that moderate noise levels increase processing difficulty which promotes abstract processing, leading to higher creativity. In other words, when we struggle (just enough) to process things as we normally would, we resort to more creative approaches.

In high noise levels, however, our creative thinking is impaired because we’re overwhelmed and struggle to process information efficiently.

This is very similar to how temperature and lighting can affect our productivity, where paradoxically a slightly more crowded place can be beneficial.

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Chris Brown And Karrueche Spotted Arriving At Bootsy Bellows

What would a Hollywood night out during ESPY week be without a Chris Brown and Karrueche sighting?

The on again-off again-back on again couple were spotted arriving at Bootsy Bellows last night in Breezy’s freshly-painted $700,000 Lamborghini Aventador, which they parked right in front the door. This is the third or fourth time Chris has given his whip a fresh paint job in the last two years, but who’s counting.

Meanwhile, tonight Karrueche’s interview with Keke Palmer was air on BET, and she reveals that she experienced a lot of heartbreak after Chris left her briefly to run back to his ex Rihanna.  In case you missed it, Keke Palmer was slammed by fans of Rihanna for giving Karrueche a platform to talk about the relationship, and she responded with a post on Instagram that read:

Some Rihanna fans feel a way about my interview with Karrueche. I have enough respect for Rihanna to address the topic, and I am a Virgo so there are a couple of things I want to get straight. People make ideas of what my intentions are and I will willingly tell you … Let’s be real, people want to hear what Karrueche has to say. No one has ever heard about her speak about anything pertaining to her relationship until #JustKeke. I’ve been promising y’all since my show started to give you the REAL. The real isn’t what everyone agrees on, but what is real to any particular individual, and the real when I had her on the show was from Karrueche’s point of view. I give the people what they want and I know you all will be watching. The ones that love/hate Rihanna, the ones that love /hate Karrueche. My loyalty is to the community.

Click here to watch a clip from the interview!

Hopefully, these two work out for the long haul. To hear someone talk about heartbreak but continue to stay in the relationship that has caused the continuous heartbreak can become draining at some point, however Kae has the right to discuss her truth.

Here are a few more flicks from last night:

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Rihanna Celebrates The World Cup With Germany

Rihanna better get some of that German loving!

If you didn’t already know, Rihanna takes fútbol very seriously and at yesterday’s final game between Germany and Argentina at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, RiRi was living the dream of every hardcore soccer fan — turning up for the World Cup!

Before she was able to meet some of the players from Germany’s winning team, Rihanna was out in the crowd, flashing her bra to folks with the Brazilian flag painted on her neck. She was tweeting the entire time while drinking beer and posting pictures, and later German players, Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger, gave her a double kiss while Mesut Özil gave her his shirt right off of his back.  She tweeted:

“Congrats to my German boyz! This was the most epic experience of my entire life. You guys made me so proud to be here.”

To make her feel even more special, they brought her the 18-karat gold World Cup trophy to hold and take photos with.

“I touched the cup, held the cup, kissed the cup, took a selfie wit the cup!!! I meeeaan…… what is YO bucket list looking like bruh?”

Sidebar: FIFA guidelines state that only winners of the tournament and heads of state can touch the trophy, but you know dang on well Rihanna does what she wants. What rules?

Catch the fun pics below:


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Babatunde Femi,A rapper who is always on point.The young and nice looking entertainer,Babatunde Femi,popularly known as Baffydon started Rap at a tender age and later moved on to record his first Studio single”Born Rapper”in 2011 which enjoy massive play on Street,Clubs,Air and online.He has worked with likes of Gnaya(Ghana),D’Ace…Here comes another Mad Rap single “INSPIRATION”
Produced by D’Ace Beatz


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Army Find Weapons Underground In Balmo Forest

Lagos – The Nigeria military said they have discovered armouries in underground cells in Balmo forest. This was disclosed in a statement issued by the Defense Headquarter in Abuja on Friday.

According to the statement, the mopping up operations in Balmo forest is yielding more discoveries of arms stockpiled in underground cells in the forest. “Troops who have been excavating various sites in the forest in search of hidden weapons, have so far recovered over 10 rifles along with parts and accessories as well as more than 80 General Purpose Machine Guns, tubes of Rocket Propelled Grenades and Launchers, cables, wires and thousands of rounds of assorted ammunition” the statement said.

Balmo Forest Operation: Troops unearth more weapons from underground armories, suspects captured taken into custody

The statement added that uniforms of security agencies including protective clothing were also recovered in the search. It said suspects captured in the forest have been taken into custody and are volunteering information linking the activities in the forest with other terrorist activities in the country. The Defense Headquarter statement said the mopping up operation continues.

- CAJ News

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[Beef Squashed] Drake Hits The Studio With Chris Brown

Check out Drake and Chris Brown in a photo that almost broke Twitter.

Over the past few years, the guys have been involved in an ongoing beef over Rihanna which resulted in an infamous bottle fight, but it looks as though Drizzy and Breezy have finally dapped it up and let bygones be bygones. The two showed up at a Los Angeles studio last night, where they were joined by Tyga, and teased a possible collaboration together.

Luckily, for those who are curious about what happened in that studio, a fan who happened to be hanging around gave the play-by-play on social media:

Ok this is huge. Drake just drove into Chris Brown’s studio. Chris Brown, Drake and Tyga are together right now. OMG

I’m loving life right now Chris Brown, Karrueche,

Drake, Tyga etc. the food, drinks and ice are arriving now! Hell yeahhh we want a collab

Listening to some awesome tunes right now @Drake @chrisbrown @Tyga

Sun’s coming up and @chrisbrown @karrueche @Drake @tyga are still in the studio love this

Chris Brown, Drake & Karrueche just walked out of the studio together, said goodbyes, Drake left, then Chris left in his viper w/ Karrueche

With her spilling that type of tea, I’m not sure she’ll be invited back to just kick it!

It’s been four years since we heard Drake and Chris Brown on a track together (“Deuces”)! Hopefully, this collab really happens!

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Video] Ciara Gets Emotional While Talking About Future

Ciara is in love.

That deep, it’ll-bring-her-to-tears-just-talking-about-it type of love.

Tears were flowing for the singer earlier this year as she sat down with Brides Magazine for a behind-the-scenes interview. During the chat, Cici recalled meeting Future for the first time, and not even checking for him like that, but at some point things changed and she started to see him for the amazing person that he is.

With love, I was kinda like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna really close that door off and if something hits me then it just has to hit me.’

The conversation was amazing and we [were] just talking and he was so sweet and he was so gentle. Ahh! I don’t know why I’m getting emotional. He was just really, really a sweetheart. So either way…I don’t know why I’m getting emotional right now.

I wasn’t looking at him for that part of life. Like, I wasn’t looking at him to look for love. Just like meeting an amazing person, we’re gonna work together, have a good time. But I had a double take at one point in time and I was like, ‘This guy is really handsome. He’s really cute. He’s really tall!’ You don’t know what to expect when you meet somebody, but I’m looking at him and I’m thinking like, ‘Wow!’

She continued:

[The past few years] has been like the most unexpected happiness that has happened in my life and I love that it was unexpected. I also put into the universe what I wanted so I have to say I feel good that the things that I asked for or spoke on are continuing to come true.

I’m looking forward to just holding and growing old with my fiancé — err — husband. Because I’m the only child, I love kids so much and I love family and love being around people that I really love.


The best things in life are unexpected because there are no expectations.

In an interview with this site in October 2012, a little over a month before Ciara met Future, she revealed:

I really believe that love is everything. It is so necessary, without love you have nothing. You can’t live without love in my book and in my world. So I look forward to that moment.

I sacrifice pretty much all of my time for my career and there has to be a balance to it. What good is having success in your work but not being able to share it with someone? That’s not living to me.

I look ahead and I look forward to knowing who I am going to spend my life with. I can go rock the stage, but to know when I go home, my baby or my boo is waiting for me, that’s fun and that is the icing on the cake.

She definitely put it out in the universe!

Watch her behind-the-scenes interview with Brides below

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Trey Songz’s ‘Trigga’ Tops The Billboard Charts, Robin Thicke Falls Behind

Congratulations are in order for Trey Songz. The R&B heartthrob just scored his second #1 album with Trigga!
This week, Trey’s Angels propelled the “Na Na” singer to the top of the Billboard charts by buying up 105,000 copies of his sixth studio album. And he may be on a little mini-streak, too, because his last album — 2012′s Chapter V — also debuted at #1 with 135,000 copies sold its first week out.

Meanwhile, Poor Robin Thicke! Although he experienced some commercial success on his last album with the hits, ‘Blurred Lines’ and ‘Give It To Me,’ fans may not have been feeling his ode to his estranged wife this time around. His new LP, Paula, landed at #9 this week with 24,000 units sold in the U.S., and just 550 units sold in Canada.  Seems like folks want more Blurred Lines and less “please baby please” from the Grammy award winner. Ouch!

Bonus: Check out hilarious clips of fans meeting Trey at one of his CD signings below. Those girls love them some Tremaine!

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Rick Ross Has A New Girlfriend?

It looks as though Rick Ross has lost some weight, got bit by the summer love bug and scooped himself up a new boo thang!

Over the weekend Miami model Paige Imani took to Instagram and revealed to the world through a series of pictures that she’s cuffed up Rozay. In two photos they play a little tongue hockey for the camera, and in another you see Paige’s rocking a cute Maybach Music necklace with Rick’s hand holding it up so folks out there can get a good look and know that he’s got this on lock.

Paige captioned the photo with:

A little present. Now he says I’m official.
And in another:

I guess he likes me or

something like that. it’s ok people. It’s ok.
This could be real, all fun and games, or a set up for a spot on Love & Hip Hop, whenever Mona Scott Young decides to make a Miami spin-off.

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Two-Year-Old Amputee Walks For The First Time While Repeating, ‘I Got It!’

It’s crazy how we take things like walking for granted. Every morning we wake up, place our two feet on the floor and head to our destination without thinking of the hundreds and thousands of steps we’ll be taking that day. It’s not until we come across stories like little Kayden Elijah Kinckle’s plight that we realize how blessed we really are.

Kayden is a beautiful two-year-old boy who was born with Omphalocele, a rare birth defect which caused him to be born with his organs outside of his body. On top of that, while still in his mother Nikki’s womb, Kayden’s feet became tangled with the umbilical cord and were pinned under his mother’s pelvic bone. It lead to Kayden being born with a deformity that required the little fighter to have both his legs amputated in January.

Now Kayden is learning how to walk with prosthetics.

His mom shared this emotional video of her two-year-old taking his first steps with the help of a walker a few days ago. In the tear-jerking clip, Kayden nearly falls while still getting used to his prosthetics. But the little champion powers through, repeating “I got it! I got it!” as he carefully walks down the hall.

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