(New Music):My Baby-Gkj

great kpake junior popularly known as Gkj, is a young prolific artist with a unique style. 

my-baby-cover-artGkj(Dan Araku 1) is a Lagos/Abuja based artist who started making hits way back. He invaded the industry with singles like “underrate” and “Malo

chikz” which both received massive airplay, topped chart and got millions of download

Ligaliga came through and it was another hit which the video was directed Xamani for Xane houz.

Haven worked with the likes of stereoch, tekno, kw, Lax. He has great love for the star boy family(wizzy)

my-baby-cover-artHere comes new hit titled “My Baby” produced by Nigerian renowned producer D’Ace Beatz and was mixed n mastered by Myomy
My baby



Fayawo Love

Odolo Ebenezer popularly known as BEDA FLOURISH is a young aspiring Nigerian who hails from Ondo State. He was born to the family of Reverend and Pastor Mrs Odolo in Orile Igomu local government area. At a very tender age he discovered his musical abilities thanks to his childhood hero Michael Jackson and that saw him performing and entertaining people with his melodious voice in school, church and everywhere he went.
Here comes another hit after previous hits like Na u,My love….

Fayawo Love-Beda Flourish


Are You Sure You Want To Start An Artist Management Company?
When you start your own company, you can choose which artists you work with, define your own vision, and keep the full management commission. When you work under someone else’s management company, there are a few ways to go about it. You could be hired on as an associate manager to an existing roster on a salary (or a commission if you’re lucky), or asked to join the management team and bring on your own roster, as two potential examples. In these two cases, your commission rate would be less than if you were the sole manager of an artist. However, if you’re working for a company, the revenue could be higher. In all cases it really depends what works for you and what opportunities come to your door (or what you bang down doors for).

Would you rather have support from an existing company? Would you rather be an entrepreneur? Would you rather choose the artists you work with? Would you rather bust your butt starting from scratch? Would you rather be in control? Would you rather share responsibilities?

It’s a tough ride, and there are lots of lessons to be learned no matter how much training you have, but it’s a fun ride. I can promise that. Below, we skim the surface of how to start an artist management company and some things that required.

1. Must Haves
People/Relationship Skills
You have to have your head on your shoulders. The music business is a relationship business. Being able to network and make friends and business colleagues is absolutely critical to success. Even more importantly, it’s maintaining them that counts. The music business is a very small world, and you don’t want to go around burning bridges. This goes for artists and business people. It’s imperative to be an honest (sometimes brutally honest), and trusting person. Understanding people (especially your artist!!) is also absolutely key.

Business Skills
By starting your own artist management company you are in a position to do things your own way, but a successful manager requires a vision that is compatible with a professional attitude and business acumen. This is a business of long-term gain. Keep your eye on where you want to be and make decisions that can get you there. Running a management company is running a business, and an artist manager must understand that you need to have the same management skills that any other business owner has. A business isn’t a business without revenue, so as a manager it’s your job to get out there and bring in revenue for your artists, and in turn, yourself. Make sure their performing live and touring, selling records, try to get radio airplay, try to get a publishing deal (for the songwriters) and get their songs in TV and film, set up YouTube for ads, etc. You must have a very strong work ethic and a high level of responsibility. You’re managing someone else’s entire career (your artists) and must take that responsibility seriously. This is a fun business but it is a business!  

Dedication To Your Artists
Managers dedicate their lives to their artists. Yes, not just their careers, their lives. Your main reason for working with artists in the first place must be for the love of the artist and the artistry. You have to put your artists ahead of yourself. You have to put their needs ahead of your needs. You must understand that you are dealing with other people’s lives, other people’s money.

Creative Problem Solving and Fast Decision Making
A manager should be able to calmly and efficiently jump through hoops on a daily basis. There are going to be problems that arise every day. They could be good problems or bad problems, but you’re going to need to figure out how to solve them fast, without dwelling. The manager is the centre of the wheel, if you’re not solving problems fast, the wheel won’t roll forward.

I talk about being patient quite a bit on this blog, but I’ll say it over and over again. Be. Patient. It takes years for artists to perfect their craft. And it’ll take years for you to perfect your business. You could be coming into your artists life at time when their craft isn’t quite ready to become a business yet, or they may be in between album cycles and are creating right now. So you have to ask yourself if you’re ready to join them in the developing phase, or creation phase of their career. Because in both of these phases, you’ll be on the sidelines waiting, with no income coming in unless they are constantly performing live. Or, let’s say you start managing them at a time where the artist is ready to release an album and you’re sure it’s a hit and that there’s no creative development needed. Even if that album or one of the singles does become a hit, you still won’t see any revenue for at least 10-12 months later. If you don’t have a hit, you might not see much revenue at all (from album sales). Again, this is a long-term business. Don’t expect to pop up overnight.

2. Build Your Artist Roster
You don’t have an artist management company with an artist. If you don’t manage any artists yet, get out there and start looking because it could take a while. You could see 100 bands and only fall in love with one of them, or you could go see a band tomorrow and fall in love them. The important piece to note here is that you need to ‘love’ them. As mentioned above, you dedicate your life to this person/these people (aside from your family), and the best motivating factor for dedication is love. You need to love their music, their songs, their vibes, and them as individuals.

The good news is, there are PLENTY of ways to find talent to manage. The hard part is finding the one, or the next one. Read 12 Ways To Discover And Sign Artists To Management (True Stories) to find out how some top managers discovered their artists. Some of which have been managing for 15-25 years.

3. Sign A Contract
Yes, a lot of business in the music industry is done over a handshake, but it’s just better to cover yourself by signing an agreement. You can make the agreement as simple and as easy as you’d like. Just get something, anything, in writing, that you’re earning a certain commission as so-and-so’s sole world-wide manager, and save it in a safe place. Here is an article explaining all the different line items that are included in a standard long-form artist management agreement.

4. Don’t Quit Your Day Job Just Yet
DO NOT quit your day job to become an independent manager…. yet. If you’re reading this article I’m assuming it’s because you’re independent. Keep your day-job, or contracts, or part-time job, or whatever else you’re doing to earn a living, until your artists are making enough money to replace it. Is your current roster, or prospective roster making any money yet? Before you start managing someone you need to find out how much money they are making, so that you can decide if your 15-20% cut of that is worth it for you. If they aren’t earning enough money yet, then you need to be willing to dedicate time and energy as a longer term investment in order to gain profit later. Find ways to earn money for your artist, which will in turn earn money for you. The average Canadian makes, what, $40,000 per year? If you want to quit your day job and earn that same amount, and you’re on a 20% commission rate, your artist needs to be making over $200,000 per year. Or, you manage 2 artists making $100,000 each, and so on. Still, let’s say you’re managing one artist, they make $400,000 in one year, and then they decide to go off the radar and not perform or release anything for another 2 years or more. This is where you need to have other sources of income. If it’s not a job, than it’s multiple artists that are earning well.

5. Create a Business Plan
Subscribe to our newsletter to receive an instant download of our Music Business Plan for artists and managers.

6. Build Your Knowledge and Network
Always be building your knowledge and your network. Always. For ever and eternity! Read books, read music business news, stay on-top of business trends, research what the biggest companies are doing, take courses, go to conferences, go to networking events, reach out to people, and make friends in the business. All of this is completely imperative to moving forward.

7. Make a Name for Yourself
Literally and figuratively. Now that you have a roster and a plan, come up with a business name and register it with the government. This should also allow you to open a checking account under your business name. This is important to keep business and personal separate. Different managers have distinctive artist management methods. Think about what you stand for as a manager. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, while you may also want to think of ways to brand yourself to stand out. If artists do it, why can’t you? Get business cards, a website, a new email, a Facebook page, Twitter account, and any other means to promote yourself as a professional manager, which is also another means to promote your artists.

8. Be Organized
You have to be the one that’s the most organized, since you’re the one “organizing” the artists career. Have all the right documentation and keep track of all your business functions appropriately. We here at SBM created a tool kit so you can download all the most important financial and tour related organizational documents you need, instantly.

9. Hire an Accountant
Now that you have all the documents you need to be organized in step 9, you’ll want to discuss accounting procedures with your accountant so that you can organize your documents effectively. I also recommend finding an accountant that works specifically in the entertainment busi
9. Hire an Accountant
Now that you have all the documents you need to be organized in step 9, you’ll want to discuss accounting procedures with your accountant so that you can organize your documents effectively. I also recommend finding an accountant that works specifically in the entertainment business, as there is a whole different set of tax write-offs available to you.

10. Hire a Lawyer
You’ll want to find and hire an entertainment attorney to aid you with all contracts you will have to deal with when doing business on behalf of your artist, with record labels, booking agencies, publishers, etc. Entertainment law is extremely specialized, so be absolutely sure to hire an entertainment lawyer, not a lawyer from any other specialization.

To summarize, if you’re considering starting an artist management company, you’ll want to get the following items in place: artists to manage, a lawyer, an accountant, internal organization tools, a business plan, management contracts; while also ensuring that you’re patient, dedicated, brand yourself and be yourself, constantly develop your knowledge (business and music business) and network all the time while developing your people skills

[TECHNOLOGY]:How to recover the contacts of your stolen phone with ease

How to recover the contacts of your stolen phone with ease

If you have lived a day in Nigeria, you must have experienced the agony of your phone suddenly developing wings. The frantic search through your pocket, bag and a complete overhaul of your house in a bid to find that tiny, little device that connects you to the rest of the world to no avail can take the excitement out of a sunny day, especially if this automatically means you lose all your phone contacts.

However, thanks to Android, you can now recover up-to-date contacts from their cloud service, even if you do not backup as often as you should. How? Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal guides you on how to accomplish this.

Sync your contacts

Before you can recover your contacts from your android phone, ensure that you sync your contacts. This will enable you to access your contacts with your email even if your phone is stolen.

Visit www.google.com/contacts

After the website buffers, enter your Gmail username and password. You must use the Gmail account you used for your android smartphone. Like magic, you will find all your contacts.

Restore and download

You can restore your contacts to the last synced version. This is why your phone should be intermittently online. You will not lose any contacts as long as you sync your phone regularly. You can export all the numbers to your desktop. With the aid of a USB cord, you can transfer the contacts to your phone.

Wipe your phone

You can use Android Device Manager to remotely wipe your phone if you know you cannot get it back.

BlackBerry phone

For BlackBerry users, simply log into another Blackberry phone with your email, you will get all your contacts back!

Ogunfowoke Adeniyi
Travel/Technology Writer

[Photo]:Pix Of The Day

This is surprising,a beautiful shock! On a wedding day,
What do we say about this, speechless thought.
This is a public nuisance and has failed to respect their institution “Marriage”
For the husband,good wiffy you ve got
Ppz what do you say about this


Kayode Wahab Temitope a.k.a Wabzee k,a graduate of university of ibadan,released is first track in 2008.he has Featured in several musical videos and singles.he has worked with the likes of Dj Stupor(HKN),D’Ace,Tekno.Banga lee.Wabzee K Signed under Sound Owner Records,A talented dude decided to drop this catchy club Banger:Get Down Prod.by D’Ace Beatz.here it is no doubt another hit.
Download the studio leak

MTN….Thief Ole

They know their systems are down
They will still deduct money from account
All you keep hearing is….we sincerely apologise….apololgise for what
This is stealing…Y’hello is a cheat

How can you deduct #500 for the 3rd time and still not getting the subscription plan for crying out loud….what kind of strategy is this…..you hear again…we do not see you loading any recharge card or there is no subscription on your line….Are you calling us with the affected line?…OMG

I can’t just cry…not the things I missed in my business during my absence online

Well the love is Gone,Not thinking of any thing than to get off this so called Network
And I will make sure people get to hear of this criminal Act

Written by senvix


This may not be the best time for me to write on this because of misinterpretations, but I can no longer resist the push. “Husband Scarcity” has become one of the challenges faced by many young girls today. If you go to prayer houses, majority of the intentions are prayer for a life partner. And this calls for concern. Casting our minds back to the time of our mothers and grandmothers, was there really much of a “Husband Scarcity” problem? Or, maybe there were more men than women then, or there was an adequate corresponding numbers of both genders. I don’t think so. Maybe then, the women had values and were prepared to build a home and not park into a built home. Then, once a young man comes of age and can at least feed himself and his wife, he goes out in search of a wife and the woman really appreciates him and helps him to build a future. What am I really trying to say? We created what we now see as “Husband Scarcity” for ourselves. Today, the reverse is the case. Ask an average girl to define her dream husband; you get things like “he has to be tall, handsome, fair, and rich, own a house at least, and be presentable” and then she adds “God fearing” in order not to sound so worldly. Then, check the number of girls around you and the number of men that meet that standard, and you will see the problem. You hear girls say, “I cannot suffer in my father’s house and then go and start suffering with a man.” What a wonderful dream! What if from the beginning, you have everything you want and there is no suffering, and later in the marriage, the table turns around, then comes suffering? Will you run away? No one prays for suffering, but it is good to start small and end big, than start big and end small. The problem is that the description majority of girls give of their ideal man is virtually the same. When 50 girls want the same kind of man and the man that fits what they want is just 1 man, and the man can only pick one. Then, what becomes of 49 others? They simply start lamenting of “Husband Scarcity”. Another irony of our time is that it is hard, due to the face of our economy to find a man who is of marriage age who possesses all those things these ladies want, legally (except those involved in Internet fraud); even the number of those in Internet fraud is not enough to match all those searching for already made husbands. If you look around, majority of the ladies of substance, of good value and virtue, who are ready to build a home with a man who has prospects, are married and not complaining of husband scarcity. The easiest way to find a husband now, is to change your view of who a husband is. A husband is that man God made and then saw that it may be hard for him to really actualize his purpose for making him, without a help mate and then made the woman and gave to him, and he felt complete and fulfilled MARRIAGE IS NOT A POVERTY ALLEVIATION PROGRAM. It is a mission of building the family of God here on earth. For those who see marriage as a way out of poverty, it is a way into bondage. Women are HOME BUILDERS, not HOME WARMERS… DON’T CONFUSE A MAN’S PATH WITH HIS DESTINY. Where he is today, may only be a route to where God has destined him to be tomorrow. Another truth is that YOU MAY BE THE ONLY FAST MEANS TO THAT HIS DESTINATION. Join in alleviating “husband scarcity”. PICK UP THE RIGHT VALUES. I am not saying that you should pick anyone that comes your way and talks of marriage, not all men are husband materials. What I am saying is that you should stop setting your standard on material acquisitions or physical appearances. Look beyond the physical. WHAT MAKES A MAN WHO HE IS, IS NOT WHAT HE OWNS OR HOW HE LOOKS, IT IS WHAT HE IS MADE UP OF. And that which he is made of is, most times, not seen with the physical eyes, only its effects can be seen. Marriage is a permanent thing. Whatever is seen is temporal and that which is not seen is permanent.
Written by Fim Tv

D’Ace Beatz

Fast and rising upcoming music Producer
D’Ace Beatz.Maker of hits like #Go Down Low #Underate #Ife Mi #Amarachi.haven worked with likes of #INDOmix #Sukasounds


Production/Artiste :08065577505


Sir Kazzi Caught

Sir Kazzi is a name that has come to stay with a Unique style that has given him recognition without no introduction.

The fast rising Act,who sings,writes,Rap,produce was caught freestyling for more than 30mins with the likes of Naeto C,Yung 6,jesse jags,ice prince and Vector.

All eyes was just on Sir Kazzi

Watch out for Sir Kazzi,he’s just to Good


The creative minder behind many comedy videos that has been rated high is no other name than Akanji Oluwafemi Jacob.

He is the Manager of Jahcorb Entr.The video director who has directed more than 10 classic videos to his credit has decided to thril all his fans with his newly released studio single titled “Pami”….…Intoxication

Download n Enjoy

Music:Je Kajo(Lets Dance)

No other person than this Young and talented Artist ‘Jude John’ with stage name JD Young.

JD Young is an Artist with a strong believe in this thing called Music. He hails from Edo State.

The retired soldier son started doing music 7years back,having mentors like Chris brown,2face,Akon and P Square.

JD dropped a single titled “Down Fall” last year which took stepped up his game and Now he’s out with another one,this time around a Love tune titled “Je Kajo(Let’s Dance) produced by D’Ace Beatz

Apart from Music,he is a genius in Phones(technology).

Je Kajo(Let’s Dance)


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[MUSIC]:Come Close-ICy Laz

Here is Music,when it comes to unimaginably lyrics and good composition you talk of Godson Lazarus popularly known as ICy Laz.

Haven done hits like Messiah,Doe,Dance Floor and also featured on over 50 collaboration in Nigeria with the likes of D’ace,M Flow,Kayz,slimkiss,Dah bee,Lace,I sound,Cristal Switch..and more

The imo state born Artist grew up in lagos which he started singing at a tender age..

The fun to be with Artist,ICy sings universal flavor with music knowledge from his mentors :Blackface,Faze,W4
Sound sultan,Treysong,Asa and 2face

He Started doing professional music with D’Ace and J swag in d hood
he just droped a collaborated viral video,with Jah Baba which has gotten more than 1000 download on youtube
@Icy_laz fb:Godson Ic Laz

Here comes his newly released single
‘Come Close’ Produced by Dah Bee

Download and Enjoy


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Celebs Who’ve Actually Killed People

#1 Brandy Norwood

In 2006, the singer/actress was involved in a major highway pile-up that resulted in her killing Awatef Aboudihaj. Brandy was never convicted, but she says the accident still haunts her

#2 Christopher Walken

Robert Wagner’s wife, Natalie Wood, fell overboard a boat and died in 1981. This happened when a fight broke out between Walken and Wagner about whether Walken wanted to sleep with his wife.

#3 Ray Lewis

In 2000, a hectic fight broke out after a Super Bowl party in Atlanta involving Lewis, his two companions,and a group of other people. This brawl resulted in the deaths of Richard Lollar and Jacinth B

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[Music]Amarachi + Straff

Great Kpake Junior popularly known as “GKJ” is a young prolific artist with a great unique style.

GKJ (Dan Araku 1)is a Lagos/based Artist who started makings hit wayback. He invaded the industry with his singles “Underate” and “Malo chikz” which both received massive airplay,topped charts and thousands of download.

GKj the Abuja no 1 rated Artist has just finished his African tour Tagged “G.A.T” (GKJ Africa Tour)which covered Nigeria,Ghana and Cote’ivoire.

He has worked with likes of Money Wizard,Picfit,TM9ja,KQ,D’Ace,INDOMIX,Gospelondbeat,stereoch.His performance in the just concluded tour was awesome,he braced the stage alongside R2bees,Tic tac and Diamond.

Here comes 2 hot newly released singles
“Amarachi” and “Straff”(Save The Real Affection Forever) both songs produced by D’Ace Beatz Mixed n Mastered by INDOmix.

From the stables of Dan Araku Ent.
Download and Enjoy





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Mercy Johnson speaks on why she loves Genevieve Nnaji

Mercy Johnson has spoken once again of her love for actress Genevieve Nnaji, who she says is her role model. Speaking with City People magazine, Mercy Johnson said she adores Genevieve and doesn’t know what she can do that will be better than what Genevieve has done in the movie industry

“I think I have one of the best role models ever. I like Genevieve like crazy. I started watching her movies from the onset but I didn’t want to be Genevieve, I wanted to be Mercy with the motivation that a Genevieve could give me. So I watched lots of movies. I don’t play with her movies. I don’t know what I can do that will be better than what she has done. But I just try to improve on it, try to do it the way she will do it and perhaps even better to my own level. I practice like all the time. It is like a passion. It is just where I want to be. I am alive and I am in my space. It was paramount to perfect that space. I need everything. I watch everything. Nothing passes me by. I watch newscasters reading there news and after they are done, I sit down the way they do and read the news like that. So it is practice and Passion.” she said.

Mercy went further to say that her love for Genevieve has never been hypocritical.

“It was never a hypocritical kind of love or likeness. It was plain. I didn’t even ever think I will become close to her. It is like I can meet her anytime I want to”.

On how she felt when she first met Genevieve Nnaji;

“Ahh! The first time I met her, my friend took me there. When we got to where she was, I became nervous. I told my friend “no, let me hide in your boot”. And I did. I got into her boot. Can you imagine I came to see her and when I got there, I wanted to run back. I jumped into my friend’s boot. So when she came out of the hotel, I could not see her, I could only hear her voice. The 2nd time I saw her was on set. When she came down and I met her, she said”

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Solid Star Gives me Goose Pimples’ – Tiwa Savage

Earlier today, pop queen Tiwa Savage was in the studio to record a song titled ‘Baby Jollof‘ with Solid Star. Confessing her admiration for the super talented singer, Tiwa took to her instagram page to share a video of the recording session where she gushed about how talented solid star is and how working with him gave her goose pimples.

See post below.

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O! Page

    What is O! Page

    O! Page simply means Oyahoyar Own Page.
    This is a page or a portion of the Blog mainly for the “Brand”,it talks about everything concerning the Brand
    From the
    Music life,private life,shows,features,street,love life,wears,studio recording pictures,Official videos,management,places, etc

    In this circle the page can be renewed as agreed due to some conviniences on both parties.

    Meant for who?


    All this are stated as “BRAND” in this writeup

    Your Own Permanent advert circle

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Read[Nawa Oo]:Stupid Talk +18

Nawao see what a Silly Guy updated on his facebook.
Blunder sef yapa

but why is it that upon all the effort a man will try to make during fucking to make a woman feel satisfied @ her pussy still she will be saying to the man to fuck hard and the same person that is saying this is already screaming and panting maybe (due to pain) but if the man wants to commot his prick from the vagina sheh will grab it and even beg him to fuck! HARDER SEF! not just fucking! we only sweat and have waist pain after fucking una pussy!:'( the worst part of it is that upon all our effort to fuck the pussy well to satisfy you ladies , UNA go dey tell us to fuck harder as if we never do una anything be4 sef! una think say it is easy for we men? it needs energy too

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[Video]: Wande Coal – Baby Hello (Strr. Yemi Alade) | DOWNLOAD

[Video]: Wande Coal – Baby Hello (Strr. Yemi Alade) | DOWNLOAD

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Black Diamond Entertainment’s Wande Coal recruits the services of astute video director, Sesan for the visuals to his long time hit, “Baby Hello”. Worthy of a Sesan directed masterpiece, the video is characterized by wonderful colour combinations and amazing dance steps you’d love to see. Last but definitely not the least, Wande also gets the sultry and sassy Yemi Alade to add her own magic to this lovely video. Check it out!!

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10 Facts about life

Facts about life . . .

1.The whitest man on earth still have a black

2.No mechanic can repair breaking news

3.No matter how tall you are,you can never see

4.Even if you have millions of cars,you still
have to
walk to your bedroom

5.You,being the best swimmer doesn’t make you a

6.The strongest man on earth can never carry a

7.The smartest Assasin on earth can never

8.No matter how smart a police is,he can never
catch the air

9.No matter how mighty a man is,he can never be
wise as King Solomon

10.Going to Church or Mosque
doesn’t makes you a
good Christian or Muslim

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O! Page

    What is O! Page

    O! Page simply means Oyahoyar Own Page.
    This is a page or a portion of the Blog mainly for the “Brand”,it talks about everything concerning the Brand
    From the
    Music life,private life,shows,features,street,love life,wears,studio recording pictures,photos,Official videos,management,places, etc

    In this circle the page can be renewed as agreed due to some conviniences on both parties.

    Meant for who?


    All this are stated as “BRAND” in this writeup

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[New Music]B. A.D-D’Ace

Having produced many hit songs for various artist round the world.D’Ace needs no introduction in the industry,he has worked on projects with the likes of Ojay Wright, Indomix, sukasounds, Brainondmix. 

Emmanuel Nosa. I popularly know as D’Ace Beatz is out with his mind blowing official single titled B. A. D (Brilliance Ability in Disguise).The song is produced,mixed and mastered by D’Ace beatz himself.
Download,share and enjoy.​